circus arts

Nearly two decades of experience in the spinning arts, Tyson has evolved into one of the most versatile equipment artists.  Whether it be equipment manipulation, specialty design or creative choreography; Tyson has a wide range of circus arts skills to enhance any show.

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Tyson has performed in hundreds of public and private events as a vocal soloist.  He is classically trained with a voice that spans over 3 octaves.  He is able to take on many different genres and perform them effectively.

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An experienced choreographer and instructor, Tyson has danced in hundreds of public and private events.   His versatility with social dances, cultural dances, classical dance styles, and newer forms of dance have helped him deliver compelling performances.

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Performance artist

Are you looking for an experienced performance artist?  As an Actor, Vocalist, Dancer, Circus Artist, Choreographer, Creative Director and MC, Tyson strives to leave each audience with a lasting memory.  With hundreds of performances under his belt, Tyson is able to deliver a multitude of arts in a wide variety of venues.  From televised stage shows to private events, he has created moving and inspirational performances.

So, why settle when searching to fulfill your event needs?  With an extensive and varied background in the performing arts, Tyson can meet the demands of your next creative venture or organization's event.



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