Tyson has always had an interest in dance.  As a child, Tyson would create routines to what was on the radio and perform them in his drive way or for family gatherings.  In high school he was introduced to the world of color guard which led him to take a ballet class.  It was at this time he realized dance was more than a hobby; it was a passion.

In college, Tyson was on the cheerleading team and took dance courses.  He was even offered an internship with a professional modern dance company, which he turned down to focus on other studies.  After Tyson completed his undergraduate degree in political science, he began to focus more on his career in the performing arts.


In 2008, Tyson was hired to perform as a featured dancer in the ONN state televised production of the Miss Ohio Pageant.  Since that first professional experience as a dancer, Tyson has choreographed and danced in over a hundred public and private staged events.  He has been coached and mentored by internationally respected ballroom instructors and is working toward certification in Ballroom.  Although he has experience with a variety of dance styles, Tyson specializes in teaching Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballroom.

Tyson also choreographs and instructs for scholastic color guards.  His passion for all movement arts crosses many organizations and circuits.  Some highlights include: performing in Celebrate America shows with former Miss Americas, having choreographed platinum award winning routines for competition, choreographed a routine for the Cleveland Cavalier’s Pregame Show and choreographed routines performed at King’s Island Amusement Park.