Tyson has many years in technical theatre and artistic direction.  In his youth, Tyson help create set pieces, ran a spot light and learned how to create various effects for stage productions.  In college, he studied stage lighting.

After college, Tyson was contracted to work as a spotlight operator and assistant set designer for the state televised production of the 2007 Miss Ohio Pageant.  He was also hired as a crew member and office assistant at Secrest Auditorium, where he worked on festivals, national traveling acts, trade shows, non-profit events and staged productions.

In 2010, Tyson was contracted to co-create a blacklight circus arts show with Ohio Overnight Productions.  In 2011, Tyson’s company, Edward Morris Group, produced a stage number for the Zaney Follies, which included a six piece orchestra, dancers and vocals. Over the years, Tyson has continued to co-create nearly a hundred cultural and circus arts performances with Ohio Overnight Productions throughout Ohio.


In 2013, Tyson served on the Y-Bridge Arts Festival Entertainment Committee, securing a variety of arts and entertainment.  That year was considered to be the most artistically diverse year for the festival.  Because of Tyson’s contributions to the festival’s success that year, he was asked to serve on the committee again in 2017.