Tyson has been involved in politics, campaigning, and public relations for much of his life.  When he was seven years old, Tyson helped his mother win a campaign to become the first female to serve as Kansas 27th District Court, Division I Judge in Reno County’s history, beating out a 14 year incumbent.  He participated in grass roots campaigning, parades and televised advertisements for all three of her campaigns until he was in high school.  He also served as a Page for the 102 District in the Kansas State House of Representatives.

In high school, Tyson participated in a nationally ranked debate and forensics program and became an Eagle Scout.  As a freshman in college at Washburn University, Tyson won a campaign against a handful of opponents, including his brother, to represent the 400 incoming freshman from the new dorm on the Student Senate.  His campaign focused on distinguishing the difference between his brother and himself.  He used images associated with his first name that are recognizable to the general public, in order to be memorable on election day.  While at Washburn he also served on the Campus Activities Board, the Washburn University Technology Committee and attended a forum at the President’s house.

After Tyson’s first year of college, he transferred to Hiram College in Ohio.  It was there, in the school where President Garfield once taught, that he learned much more about political rhetoric, diplomacy, campaign science, political philosophy and civics while majoring in Political Science.  He also served as a reporter for the campus newspaper.  In one of his campaign classes, Tyson and his class mates were asked to create a mock campaign that the entire campus would participate in.  With the careful development of a policy platform, creative campaign videos and grass root efforts, his team’s candidate won with a record high turnout of voters.

While finishing up his Bachelor of Arts degree, Tyson, took on two internships through the nationally recognized Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at Akron University.  His first internship was with American Strategies, an award winning Republican firm in Columbus, Ohio that deals with state and national campaigns.  His second internship was with the firm that founded the industry of political consulting,  Strother-Duffy-Strother (SDS).  SDS was a prominent Democratic firm located just outside Washington, D.C. that handled state and national campaign ads.  While in D.C., Tyson traveled to help with winning grassroots efforts to elect Brian Lentz to the 161st District in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives.


After college, Tyson’s passion for politics changed.  He pursued the fields of education, graphics, web design, the performing arts, and banking with a strong focus in community development.  He continues to utilize his experience in politics and campaigning toward the successful promotion and implementation of projects.